We know everyone has their own tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to the topic of 'the best pizza.' Once again, a publication has named the best pizza in North Dakota, and it's right here in Bismarck.

You've likely seen several publications write about the topic on several occasions. The ongoing question, 'Who has the best pizza in North Dakota?' When that place happens to be centrally located in Bismarck, we're certainly not complaining.

Uproxx recently gave their list of 'The 50 Best Pizzas in America' (listed by state) and in North Dakota, the best pizza can be found at Fireflour Coffee & Bar. The publication even gave a nod to all of North Dakota for being a solid food destination:

North Dakota is low-key becoming a serious food destination. The access to local and seasonal ingredients is key to that success and you can see the benefits in the pizza in the state’s capital. Fireflour Pizza is making some serious Neapolitan pies that can stand up next to the best Chicago, L.A., or New York have to offer.

If you happened to be outraged at the choice, just know that Fireflour also happens to be Bismarck's favorite pizza, according to Yelp.

Personally, as much as I dig Fireflour's pizza, my favorite in Bismarck is Nardello's. Some of you may prefer A&B or Bruno's and either of those is a solid choice. However, the national publication has spoken and let's all revel in the fact that we have North Dakota's best pizza in downtown Bismarck.

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