What is North Dakota's favorite pizza topping?  To be honest, I just don't buy it, or eat it for that matter.  In my humble opinion the 3 F's don't belong on pizza.  "Fruit", "Fish" and "Fungus."  However, the people of North Dakota apparently don't go along with my "meat and potatoes" way of thinking.

According to an article on Thrillist, North Dakota's favorite Pizza topping is "Hawaiian."  What?  Seriously, do you know anybody that even "likes" Hawaiian pizza, let alone is their favorite?  I didn't think so, this has to be a miss-print right?

Pizza is a way of life for most Americans.  If you have kids, it's one of the easiest meals to make, and most always a hit with the whole family.  A new study by career site Zippia, reveals that some states depend on a more of delicacy when it comes to it's pizza pies, including North Dakota.  The information was based on Yelp data.

So us No Dak's like "Hawaiian" (still not believing it), how about our neighbors around us?  Minnesota prefers "BBQ Chicken", South Dakota is into "Chicken Bacon Ranch"  and Montana prefers good old "Pepperoni".

Here's what I believe North Dakota is really into when it comes to pizza.  This is based on many years of being a hockey Dad, and numerous weekends away with hockey families.

1.  Pepperoni:  Sorry to be boring, but that is the pizza I've observed ordered the most over the years and it still holds true today.

2.  Taco:  This is a very popular pizza in North Dakota.  Happy Joes has the best.

3.  Beef and Onion: Defiantly a North Dakota thing, and it has to be white or yellow onions, NOT red.

4.  Canadian Bacon: Much better if the meat is not cut up into little cubes.

5. Cheese:  Perhaps the most boring of them all, but people in our state seem to like.

North Dakota by the way, likes pizza the 14th most in the country according to the article.  I'm getting hungry, how about you?



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