More 'Zah coming to Bismarck!

What's one thing you can never have too much of? -- Pizza, duh.

The Kirkwood Mall posted to their Facebook page that Blaze Pizza will be opening tomorrow (Tuesday April, 26th). I don't know about you, but my stomach is growling already!

The initial announcement about opening the new restaurant came last year, so we've been waiting for a while. Now, the day has finally come!

About Blaze

I'm sure you're wondering, what Blaze is all about. According to the Kirkwood Mall, they specialize in made-to-order blazed pizzas.

What's a "Blazed" pizza? 

If you're like me, you're probably wondering "what's a blazed pizza?" On Blaze's website that means they are fast-fired pizzas -- made in 180 seconds! The website also explains that the chef uses artisanal ingredients, made-from-scratch dough, and it's all done on a sort of assembly line. The chef of the restaurant is Bradford Kent, otherwise known as "The pizza whisperer."

Where is it?

Blaze Pizza is located in South Bismarck, by the Kirkwood Mall. It sits directly next to Five Guys.

You may have noticed that quite a few new businesses have popped up in that area recently. Along with Chick-Fil-A, we also now have a Five Guys. Blaze is the newest guy on the block... literally... and we couldn't be more excited.

For Fun:

According to, pizza first originated in Naples all the way back in the 1700's, and for the most part, was only consumed by the poor and working class peoples. It wasn't until the 1940's that pizza made its way across the ocean, to the United States.

A 'Heated' Debate

Of course, once it spread across the country, the "Pizza Wars" began. There's been a 'heated' debate over the years. People love to argue their favorite type of pizza. Hand-tossed? Deep dish? Thin crust? -- You can learn a lot about a person based on their pizza preferences. My favorite is easily deep dish. It's the best there is... and yes, I will die on this hill.  #SorryNotSorry


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