It's addicting; reality TV is an escape from the reality of our own lives. We get to peer into the chaotic ways others live and see all of their drama unfold.

We laugh, we smile, we even cry with some of these reality TV stars. We're invested in reality TV shows, but... ever wonder which shows we are MOST invested in?

A survey was done by a company called JeffBet, to find out what reality shows are popular in each state. The looked at google trends data to see what really piques our interest. Here's what it found.

Ever wonder what everyone is watching?

Across the country, the number one most-watched reality TV show is Married At First Sight." The show has been on since 2014 and has been an international hit. It's a social experiment where people get legally married to a complete stranger. Spoiler: it hardly ends well for the couples.

North Dakota

The most popular reality tv show in North Dakota is an old one. It first aired in the year 2000, and to date, has a whopping 43 seasons. Of course, I'm referring to "Survivor."

If you haven't seen the show, a group of people are put in a remote location and forced to compete with each other to win a million dollars. It's not for the weak, that's for sure.

Here's the top 5 reality TV shows in North Dakota according to the source:

1. Survivor

2. Wheel of Fortune

3. Shark Tank

4. Married at First Sight

5. The Bachelorette



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