Is Kirk thinking about changing careers? but I sure hope not, after all, we have already witnessed your singing ability and we are all barely recovering from it

It's true, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has been getting a lot of attention lately in front of the television cameras, and not for his throwing ability. Just two weeks ago the horrific footage was released of him actually getting on stage with a mic               ( unfortunately for all of us, he DIDN'T drop it ) and belting out a song alongside REAL LIFE singer Kelly Clarkson. Check out the video ( if you dare ) by clicking here.

So was he hammered back on February 9th when he literally leaped from backstage at the 12th Annual NFL Honors at Symphony Hall In Phoenix?

Insiders say "NO", however like all the rest of the studio audience they were too busy covering their ears. That was the last time we saw Kirk, but check it out, NETFLIX has put together a new docu-series called "Quarterback" - according to "On Wednesday, we found out that the majority of Cousins‘ 2022 campaign was captured on film by a crew putting together a new docu-series for Netflix that will be available to stream this summer...“Quarterback” is the name of the Netflix show that will feature behind-the-scenes access to Cousins in addition to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Atlanta Falcons signal-caller Marcus Mariota"

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Are we seeing the start of a new career for Kirk Cousins?

Ummm, let's hope not.



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