If there were ever two organization that you would assume would be in sync with each other it would be the National Rifle Association and the folks behind NASCAR. That however is not the case - at least not anymore.

As Yahoo! Sports reported over the weekend, the two are now at odds over NASCAR's recent change in advertising policy regarding firearms:

"In a blog post published in August by gun company K-Var and cited by the NRA, National Event Publications allegedly told K-Var that NASCAR did not want assault-style rifles advertised any longer in race programs."

The NRA, true to form, pulled no punches in this weekend tweet:

NASCAR is taking a "gradual shift…on guns" and will no longer allow partners to advertise commonly-owned rifles. This pathetic decision will cause their current customers to take a gradual shift on @NASCAR and will alienate potential customers. Good luck! http://bit.ly/NascarAntiGun 

Given that both organization are closely associated with "red state" values, it should be interesting to see how this one plays out. Whose side do you take?

[Source: Yahoo! Sports]

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