OUR GUN'S RIGHT to belong to a club that may or may not be squandering our cash.

Now, before y'all get defensive about liberals targeting conservatives- I'm neither. I'm gonna say, unlock most non-profit organizations, and you'll find the top dogs taking all kinds of trips on the cash account of the organization.  Well, apparently, the Attorney General of New York (I know she's a she and from New York) but QUALIFIED, so get over it. Well, she thinks something stinks.

Major Gun Rights Rally Held In Salt Lake City
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That's not her...but a great picture, right?

Lets go where we go with any challenge to an organization that we might not approve of...left or right, we have a tendency to jump on a story and roll!!  In this case...I don't care. I don't. Gunners, we all get 6 shots. That's all we get. We'll discuss this in the future I promise.

Looking inside of an organization as exalted as the NRA, I'm sure that there's many on the food chain that can be easily shown to be taking advantage of the positive cash flow. Whatever.

It's nothing new to any charitable organization, the top layer feels incumbent upon spending the money allotted. At times, that money mysteriously, finds it way into accounts of the folks that are there to spend it properly.  Now, I know a lot of y'all look to the NRA to be the organization that backs your right to bear firearms.  But you know what?

The second amendment of the constitution does that by itself.

The NRA just kinda hangs out and takes your dues...for a lot of years. Y'all have the power to keep your firearms.

This ain't an anti-NRA article.   None of these charges have been proven- but i don't care who you are, spend our money the way us constituents intended it or maybe we just quit your club. Up to you. But I really dislike leeches wherever they may be.

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