The Dakota Access Pipeline protests are making headlines nationally and Obama was asked his opinion on the matter.

His answer was not really an answer at all. After speaking for about two minutes on how his administration has worked closely with Native American tribes to restore and protect sacred lands, he finally answers the question head on:

Now some of these issues are caught up with laws and treaties and so I can't give you details on this particular case. I'd have to go back to my staff and find out, 'how are we doing on this one?'

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein is clearly opposed to the pipeline and is facing charges of criminal mischief and criminal trespass after spray painting equipment at the construction site.

I reached out to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Donald Trump on August 17 to get their opinions on the pipeline and protests. None of the campaigns issued a response.

A judge is expected to issue a decision on the construction of the Pipeline by tomorrow though the judge has already issued a partial halt on construction.

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