"I Guess God's Had Enough Of The Oil Field"
It's a quote from Nils McArthur a North Dakota oilfield services workers responding to the idea that plummeting oil prices were an "act of God". How COVID-19 added to the disastrous decline in the price of oil and the future of the Bakken.
DAPL Demonstration Friday
Expect a high volume of pedestrians and traffic at the Capitol grounds in Bismarck at 3pm Friday afternoon (9/9) as there is a planned demonstration related to the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Obama On DAPL
The Dakota Access Pipeline protests are making headlines nationally and Obama was asked his opinion on the matter.
Safer Sooner
Sen. Charles Schumer of New York is introducing new legislation that would require railroads carry crude oil in newer, safer containers within 2 years, a full year sooner than new regulations introduced by the Department of Transportation.

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