So what happens when you find yourself lost and you are out in the elements? I'm talking slippery roads and winter conditions

Is there a good time to be lost? Well, I would say if it's like 75 degrees outside and the roads are in perfect condition, then yes, that would be an ideal time. Unfortunately, warm weather out here in North Dakota has left us for a while. Yesterday ( Sunday, January 2nd ) almost seemed like a sneak preview of the end of winter with temperatures actually on the plus side, so when a truck driver got behind the wheel of a commercial truck heading out in Dunn Country, what could possibly go wrong?

"Hey, Alexa, which way should I turn?"

There is a long-running gag that when a woman finds herself lost, she'll pull over right away and ask for directions, a man however will not. He'll continue on bound and determined to find the right path eventually on his own. These days we have state of -the art GPS, which will get us out of any situation. When you are in an area even your resources can't help you out, there can be tense moments ahead, like this one. According to KFYR TV "No one was hurt when a commercial truck fell through the ice near Skunk Bay Sunday morning, according to the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office. A corporal with the department said the truck driver got lost and tried to turn around in what they thought was a field. Instead, the truck broke through the ice" The good news of course being that there were no injuries. The matter is under investigation.

How would you react to this situation? Would you be able to stay calm?

I'm guessing this would have rattled many of us. You're lost, and just trying to gather your senses, and chaos develops around you. The name of the driver and the company were not mentioned, but it's clear he or she behind the wheel was able to maintain their composure.



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