The Chmielewski's Christmas Corner tradition is back after taking a year off!

The little corner on Kennedy Ave in Bismarck gave brought much joy to everyone during the holiday season, year after year, until they stated in 2017 that it was their last year. They chose to shut down their festival of lights after complaints from a few neighbors.

Dropping a hint in the middle of October, they surprised us all on Thanksgiving this year with this post on their Facebook page:


We're glad they're back and couldn't be more excited!

It is truly a fascinating experience to visit so if you get the chance, grab some hot chocolate or cider, the kids, a significant other, your grandparents, or just yourself and head over to 2228 Kennedy Ave in Bismarck and check it out! You don't want to miss this! They just ask that you be respectful of the other residents and do not block their driveways.

You can follow The Chmeilewski's Christmas Corner on Facebook here.

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