Well you can take the headline of this sorry and interpret it so many ways

We knew it was coming eventually, we kept our fingers crossed that Mother Nature was taking it easy on us so far. I'm talking about North Dakotans enjoying so far a pretty decent month. Halloween rolled around and trick or treaters went out with no snow on the ground. Just last weekend we still had a few days in the sun with temps in the high 50s. Then it arrived.

Waking up yesterday morning with tiny flakes of snow twisting and falling slowly to the ground

Bismarck/Mandan saw our streets and yards turn white. The winds were so strong, that there were piles of tumbleweed that had collected ( some as high as six feet ) and came to a stop in neighborhood yards all around town. Into the night we had swirling winds and cold temps.

This morning while checking my FB page, I came across many local comments about our dangerous, icy road conditions. I thought about what they say said when I walked out to my car

I pulled out of my apartment driveway with one thing in mind, drive extra slow. Just ahead of, I saw what looked like a hundred-yard stretch of sheer ice, that covered the street. The second my car hit that patch, I lost complete control of the car. Have you ever had your vehicle spin out? You know that scary feeling when there is not a thing you can do about it.

As my car slid to the left, I locked eyes with a woman about 50 feet away

Thank goodness for those that drive defensively, for this woman was driving straight towards me. She saw me completely out of control and watched my car come to a complete stop, almost finishing a 360. To quote a Carrie Underwood song "Jesus, Take The Wheel"

I was lucky there were no park cars around me

End result of my adventure - I drove away unharmed, and no damage to any cars around me. To the woman who had the right mindset to be extra cautious this morning, "Thank you". That is exactly the way you need to be when you are behind the wheel in North Dakota.

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