It's Pawsome!

The Morton County Sheriff's Office announced on its Facebook page earlier today (Wednesday, June 1st) that a new "Paw-fficer" ... errr... I mean, officer... will be added to the force.

The announcement post was too cute!


The K-9 is still just a little puppy, and won't arrive until July. Once the puppy does, I'm sure it will have the ulti-mutt friendship with the other officers.

Ok, I'll stop with the puppy puns now.

Puppy Power

Q: What is a K-9 Therapy Dog?

If you're wondering what K-9 therapy dogs do for the police force, according to, some police departments are using them as a way to alleviate some stress for officers. I'm sure now, more than ever, a little cuteness will go a long way.

According to, departments benefit from therapy dogs in other ways too. Witnesses, and crime victims can benefit from the emotional support of a therapy dog.

That source also explains that therapy dogs (unless indicated otherwise by the department) are typically not used for search, rescue, and suspect apprehensions. The canine officer is there for therapy purposes. That said, it was also noted, that some therapy K-9's do have dual roles.

Other Uses For Therapy Dogs

According to, these canines are used in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Police departments have only just recently started bringing in therapy dogs.


We're still waiting for the puppy to arrive, and for more pictures and updates from the Sheriff's office, so right now we don't know what the puppy is named or any other details.

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