I never thought I would see the day that people are actually staying away from work - not because of a pandemic or illness, but choosing to stay unemployed. Businesses here in Bismarck are suffering for the simple fact that they are having a tough time hiring anybody that NEEDS a job. There was a time when jobs were scarce, a long line of would-be applicants would be keeping their fingers crossed to get hired. Almost everyone I talk to remembers the first job they ever had, whether it was cutting your next-door neighbor's lawn or flipping burgers at McDonald's. Jobs were coveted, and unless our country was in a major depression people went to work.

Companies are having trouble hiring in part because some Americans don't feel like working right now.

The statistics are mind-blowing - CNN reported that "JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon suggested Thursday that companies are having trouble hiring in part because some Americans don't feel like working right now.". CNN goes on to cite three main reasons why economists are explaining the lack of workers now. One of which has been a reason for quite some time - "A lack of Childcare". Some may still battle health issues. The big reason for so many NOT working is felt here in Bismarck. This past Wednesday, a fellow co-worker and I were having lunch here in town, and in conversation with the restaurant's owner, he expressed his frustration on hiring anyone that wanted a job. He had six interviews set up for that day, and he was hoping at least ONE would actually show up. Our government has made it easy to choose the couch over actual work. CNN explains that the "$300 boost to federal unemployment benefits" is a huge factor in the struggle to find an employee.

I can do basic math just like anyone else can - when someone is making MORE money staying home than they would if they actually did something constructive, why lift a finger? You might break a fingernail.


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