Several people hiding behind their phones and computer screens on Twitter decided to throw insults at North Dakota. As a result, they insulted the wrong state.

Earlier this week, it was revealed what word each state misspells the most. In fact, you can view the map here:

As you can see from the map, and from the previous story we released, the word "dilemma" came up as the most misspelled word in North Dakota. I think the most clever joke you can really make from that would include the sentence, "North Dakota has a spelling dilemma." It's probably something to that effect.

However, many were quick to take to social media with insults to throw at North Dakota, but before they tweet, they probably should've learned something about geography. As you can also see from the map, South Dakota's most misspelled word is "college." Funny as that may be, here's what some people decided to tweet about North Dakota:

Well done, Twitter. Way to fail. There's nothing that serves justice quite like publicly not knowing geography.

Think before you tweet, everyone!...Or at least know where the states in the country you reside in are located.


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