The fan who unknowingly caused Peter Frampton to walk offstage last weekend has received an apology by phone from the singer and guitarist – and he’s also arranged to sign her album cover.

Sherry Tupa held up her copy of the classic LP Frampton Comes Alive! at the Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, Minn., on July 23, and when a video operator turned his camera on her, the moment was projected onto the giant stage screens. That led to an outburst of applause from the audience, which upset Frampton, who was in the middle of an emotionally intense moment he’d worked hard to build. When another album cover was held up and cheered, he tried to wrestle the camera from the operator, then walked off, only to return a few minutes later and finish the show.

Frampton apologized for his behavior afterward and called it an “overreaction.” “I felt we had completely lost control of this special moment in the show," he said. "I care very much about giving you the best show we can possibly give every night.”

Tupa, who reported that she regretted her small part in the drama, has now confirmed that Frampton made direct contact with her to pass on a personal apology. She told the Star Tribune that Frampton was "humble and sweet," and that he “apologized over and over [and] talked about the fact that he did not handle it correctly.” But she had a reservation when Frampton asked her to send him the album so he could sign it – assuming that would never happen, she’d already had the cameraman write his name on it. “I kind of wish I hadn’t done that. It is what it is, I guess.”

Frampton’s U.S. tour with the Steve Miller Band continues until Aug. 13.

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