The Peter Frampton fan who unwittingly triggered his walk-off during a recent concert says she regrets her part in the drama.

The singer and guitarist became upset at a show on Sunday after an audience member held up the cover of his classic album Frampton Comes Alive!, and a cameraman projected the moment onto the event’s video screens. Frampton reportedly told the 8,000-strong crowd at Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, Minn., that the moment had detracted from the solo he was playing at the time. When a second album cover was held up, Frampton was reported to have uttered an expletive at the cameraman and then tried to grab his camera before leaving the stage. The show continued several minutes later with the video screens switched off.

Frampton later apologized for his “overreaction,” explaining: “I was frustrated because I felt we had completely lost control of this special moment in the show. I care very much about giving you the best show we can possibly give every night.”

Audience member Sherry Tupa identified herself as the person who’d unknowingly kick-started the incident. “I was merely holding my album cover at my chest, using it as a fan, when I noticed my face on the big screen," She told the Star Tribune, "I held up my cover and the crowd cheered. My only wish was that Mr. Frampton might catch a glimpse and be impressed that his fans have held onto his albums for so long."

She added that she was hoping for an autograph, "but I knew going in that was probably not realistic. I’m sorry that it caused Mr. Frampton distress.” Referring to how he had dealt with the situation, Tupa noted, “We all have our less-than-stellar moments.”

Frampton’s U.S. tour with the Steve Miller Band continues until Aug. 13.

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