Have you ever surfed the internet and come across a story that makes you read it three times over to make sure it's real?

Well unfortunately this one is. First, let me just start out and ask what is the strangest job you have ever had? When I say job, I mean getting paid actual real money. I can almost without a shred of a doubt guarantee that whatever your answer may be, it's nothing compared to Stephanie Motto and her occupation.

I once asked people in Bismarck/Mandan, on my Facebook page,  what their weirdest job ever was

I really didn't have too many shocking replies, one man said that he worked at a farm outside of Mandan, helping out with some odd jobs that came about. One Bismarck woman worked at an adult entertainment store ( she had numerous bizarre requests from customers, none of them I can mention ). Again nobody has come close to having the oddest job when it compares to this woman. Her profession is legal, BUTT just plain idiotic.

A "Fartrepreneur" actually made $200,000 selling her personal gas

Still with me? This smelly woman captures, packages, and then sells her....umm scent. This somewhat talented ( cough ) woman dabbles in different areas, like a reality show, an X-rated subscription site, AND this - According to thecomeback.com "...the most curious of her businesses maybe her plan to fart into jars and sell those farts for $1,000 each, which she said in December had her making almost $50,000 a week"

So you think I'm making this up? Check out this video:

#stepanka YouTube

She actually said this 5:23 minutes into the video

"...walk a mile in my shoes. You try and make farts every single day, multiple times a day - it's not easy. So I have perfected my craft. I kind of feel like I am the Einstein of fart jars"

If I was the Governor of North Dakota, stinky britches would NEVER be allowed to in our State.

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