In 2014, Senator Heidi Heitkamp launched the 'Fix My Mail' Initiative in order to try and improve postal service to residents all across North Dakota.

Just a couple of months ago, Senator Heitkamp put a survey online where residents can report how reliable postal service has been in their area. Preliminary results have come in and they are not good.

According to Valley News Live, after roughly 400 responses, nearly 75% of respondents say they have had issues with their mail service. Some of the issues North Dakotans reported include mail being delivered to the wrong address, mail not being delivered at all or there being too few post offices in rural communities.

You can participate in the survey yourself and report on your experience with the post office.

In related news, just this past Sunday, stamp prices were reduced from 49 cents to 47 cents. This may sound like good news but as CNN reports, the two cent price reduction will cost the USPS roughly $2 billion this year which will make providing efficient service that much more difficult.

It should be noted that most e-mail services are free. However, some may argue that a hand-written letter these days is priceless.

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