I moved to Mandan in 2001, just half a block from the post office.  It was all in central Mandan!  Here's what I had within a three minute stroll.  Marv's Hardware where I could find that plumbing piece I needed for a project, and then afterwards the other "correct" plumbing piece I actually needed for the project.  There was George's Bakery, with the neighborhood smell of a bakery, and delicious rolls whenever you wanted them.  There was the Buckhorn Bar, that had an ex-band guy running the joint that was quick with a joke or a light of your smoke, and there was no place you'd rather be...he was an ex-band guy right? There was the Silver Dollar, to impress my outta town friends with a little raunchiness right here where the west begins.  Oh, and there was just the best darn butcher shop in the region with Butcher Block Meats!

The Butcher Block is still as great as ever, and the Silver Dollar still entertains, just in a different way...but if you're looking to significantly upgrade using conspicuous amounts of federal cash, you probably ain't gonna do it in central downtown.

First off, parking is an issue, but we're talking about a "post office".  Who goes to the post office?  I'd think 12 handicap parking spots and 4 regular spots probably be about right. I mean you can do all that mail stuff at the grocery store and still pick up a quart of milk and a Cloverdale sausage right?

Speaking of Cloverdale, you could put the post office out on the Old Red Trail heading west...except apparently nobody does that kinda thing. But, I'd put dollars to your dimes it will go up north somewheres. I was truly intrigued when they re-formed the Mandan off ramp from I-94 and there were TWO turn lanes going north into a field, and only ONE turn lane coming into the City of Mandan. Progress I guess, tell that to the good folks up on the hill in South Mandan.  A citizen can't get a simple hookup to McKenzie drive to access Bismarck?  Major pet peeve of mine- you'll find that story I did over a year ago by clicking here.  Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.

So I'd predict Mandan's new Post Office will find itself off I-94 just south of the refinery where that one big garden shop used to be...what was the name of that place? Just west of the cemetery on the top of Mandan Avenue? I'm often aggravated by my stupid brain. Help me out in the comments will ya?

So where would you put the new Mandan Post Office?

This from KFYR TV

The U.S. will be sending postcards to Mandan residents about the proposed relocation of the post office on Collins Avenue.

Because of population growth, the postal service is looking for a larger building.

You can send your comments and suggestions within the next 30 days to:

United States Postal Service

Attn: Mandan ND Relocation

PO BOX 27497

Greensboro, NC 27498-1103

Now I have to find a clothes pin to attach it to my mailbox!? How could the process possibly be made easier for 95% of the population?  I don't know, maybe you the reader can enlighten us...

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