I am asking nicely, aren't I?

I'm sure you have heard all about and felt what La Niña is. It is a weather term that to me just means "Watch out". La Niña of course means "the girl" in Spanish, but there ain't ( excuse my poor English ) no way that this young lady is not strong and unpredictable.

No, I'm not trying to give you a Spanish lesson, I will try and bring you some meteorology news

According to NOAA "A La Nina has developed and will extend through the second winter in a row" So they are also predicting it to last through the early spring of 2022. How accurate do you think their predictions will be? I'm guessing it will be pretty worth it to go out and buy a warmer jacket. All this talk about ocean temps in the Pacific Ocean near the equator etc, etc, etc.

I do know this much from almost 8 years of living out there in North Dakota

We should always prepare for a colder winter than what we went through last year, don't you think that's wise? KFYR TV reported "With a La Niña, stronger than normal winds in this part of the world push warmer water westward, allowing for cooler water to come to the surface farther east"

In layman's terms, expect cooler temperatures this winter

Once again that forecast doesn't surprise me one bit. So far we have been pretty lucky here in late October, not a drop of snow has hit us. With that, I'm going to go ahead and shut up now and not jinx us.

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