All Bismarck-Mandan high school students are invited to Lil-T's Open Mic Night at Century High School

This Saturday is Lil-T's Open Mic Night at Century High School. All Bismarck-Mandan schools are invited to watch their peers perform, hear motivational speakers, and learn that they are not alone. Local rising star, Savanah Benz will also perform!

WHAT: Lil-T's Open Mic Night

WHEN: Saturday, September 11 at 6:30 PM

WHERE: Century High School
1000 East Century Avenue, Bismarck

What can you expect at Open Mic Night?

Lil-T puts on positivity events for students all around the country. I got the opportunity to talk to him about Open Mic Night and what students can expect to see this weekend. Lil-T told me that this event is all about the students coming together and realizing they are not alone. Students will get to see their friends, classmates, and even rivals perform everything from singing and dancing to other talents. They will also hear from motivational speakers like Lil-T himself.

Who is Lil-T?

I met Lil-T earlier this summer at an event, and he told me about his plan to do a huge, uplifting event for students in the area. He knows that this pandemic has caused a lot of stress in the lives of young people and he wants to shine a light of positivity on them. And Lil-T is kind of the perfect person to send messages of positivity.

Lil-T told me that he once suffered a grand mal seizure when he was young. After being diagnosed with a brain disease, being told he may lose the ability to ever talk again, losing the ability to write, being put into special education classes, and enduring bullying, he overcame. One great thing he said was, "My number one strength is supposed to be my weakness." Now, he tours the country to encourage kids to "keep practicing, stay dedicated, and remember that anything is possible."

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