A new law that's making it's way through the North Carolina legislature would make discussing the chemicals involved in Hydraulic Fracturing illegal.

Known as the "Energy Modernization Act," the bill would make it a Class I Felony to make any unauthorized disclosure of fracking trade secrets, including chemicals used.

Environmentalists have fought that more transparency in regards to the chemicals used is needed for public protection. Oil and gas companies have fought back saying that the chemicals used are a trade secret, and as such, should be protected under law. Recently, the EPA has stepped into the ring asking for public comment on possible new regulations that could allow for more transparency.

The Energy Modernization Act is also under fire for it's broad wording and unclear sentencing guidelines. Under the provisions of the bill, even Firefighters and individual Healthcare workers could see jail time if they openly discuss the chemicals they have come into contact with while dealing with emergency situations.

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