If you were live-tweeting during the presidential debate last night, you weren't alone. Even the North Dakota Department of Health got in the act.

It seems as if whoever was tweeting from the North Dakota Department of Health may have forgot to log out of the account before releasing their own opinions on the internet of what transpired tonight during the presidential debate.

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went back and forth throughout the debate, whoever had access to the to the ND Dept. of Health Twitter account made some remarks, not only aimed at Trump, but also at moderator Lester Holt.

The following are quoted tweets from the account @NDDOH:

"Trump's hair is weirder than usual...Blow dry Gail?"

"Facial expressions are priceless."

"Lester needs to step up."

"Grow a pair Lester."

It appears DOH public information officer Collen Reinke was tweeting from the wrong phone. She has since apologized and said that this is not the position of the North Dakota Department of Health. The tweets have since been deleted.

Please tweet responsibly everyone.

Source: Inforum

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