Have you noticed the prices of most used things going up in price? Since the pandemic started it seems likas trailers, vehicles, boats, pontoons, lumber and many other things have gone up in price. I've been looking for a pontoon and the prices of used ones have really gone up. I have friends that have been looking for vehicles and they are surprised at the price of used ones. The prices for certain used items have gone up and the biggest question is when will it level off?

The prices for the lumber have really gone up and I'm surprised that they are still building new businesses and houses with the increase in the price of lumber. When will the prices level off or go down? Have you noticed the recent increase in lumber and other used items? Have you noticed the price increase in the Bis-Man area?

Many people have said the reason the prices to the used vehicles, boats, and pontoons have gone up is because of the pandemic. The production lines either shut down or were at reduced capacity. Hopefully in the next year this will all level off and the prices of the used items will go down. Many people, myself included, hope that these prices will go down because the prices of the used pontoons I've been looking at have really gone up. But if the prices don't go down and they stay where they are I guess a person will have to fork out the extra to get a pontoon.


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