Early on when the early days of COVID-19 were hot and heavy- North Dakota seemed like the land of least resistance for extending and perhaps  finishing the professional hockey season.  Now it seems than the National Hockey League has dumped the Great State of North Dakota for these locations.

Really? Las Vegas? Well you can see how they are opening up here.

So, we're ready to head to Vegas to go watch our favorite NHL teams play? Not only are you mixing the country's population in one place- you're bringing the entire world!  OK, I understand the October Norsk Hosfest in Minot brings in all the Scandanavian World- but that festival canceled in March 2020 as they figured no one will come.  They were probably right.

But people from all around the country and all around the world will jump at a chance to see the Vegas Knight's home ice while many other parts of Vegas may just be opening up. Pro Sports right? But how many TRUE hockey fans? Where are all the Fighting Hawks fans! (psst.. still using the "hawks" code word wink:/)  Around here, we support hockey because we like it.  Not just because we're in a party town looking for something to do- we like hockey.

When I was in my early 20's, i had the chance to see the North Stars versus the Penguins. It was an exhibition game...but it was SO FAST.  Lemme also say a lot more violent than you would have thought for an exhibition game.  We need more of that!

But, seriously, Vegas?

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