Ok, I get it, the yakking term is used for those that might have a problem with talking way too much (fortunately I haven't been accused of that..YET anyways). Here is what we are all looking forward to this summer - warmer days and the Bismarck Yakkers. According to KXNEWSthey are a group of kayakers who obviously are getting ready to hit the outdoors and open water. There are 800 members plus in their Facebook group. How much fun does this sound like?

Now, this is not a sport to be taken lightly - it's not as easy as picking up a kayak, driving down to the river, and jumping right in. Just ask David Patch, a Bismarck 'Yakker member “Experience is the best teacher for sure. I jumped right on the Missouri River and you don’t appreciate the power of that river until you’re floating down the middle of it.”  With over ten years of experience, David knows that having the right equipment is also invaluable. There are different models of kayaks ranging anywhere from $200 to Two grand - preferences from sitting on top of the kayak, to sitting inside is up to you - whichever you feel more like your style.

Patch points out the obvious, to be prepared - always wear a life vest, drink plenty of water, and keep your valuables in a waterproof container. THE most important tip though - NEVER kayak alone. Have fun, of course, be flexible, and don't forget the 'yak snacks (whatever that may be) - For more information on the Bismarck ‘Yakkers group go here. Get out there and experience this for yourself (stop playing the video game version of kayaking - see I'm yakking too much already)


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