There may be hope for the existence of a real-life Superman.  He's a little young right now, but he's already got the attire, the awesomely nonchalant attitude, and the ability to fall out of a window and land on his feet.

Four-year-old Dylan of Aurora, CO opened the window of his third-story apartment to say something to his neighbor when the screen gave way and he fell out.  His mother, Jessica, quickly ran downstairs expecting the worst, only to find that the potentially Krypton-born child had done two summersaults and landed safely on his feet.  He was released from the hospital after only 20 hours, with no noticeable injuries.

Start pondering your life choices and future bad decisions, criminals and villains of planet Earth.  A day is coming when Dylan may not only don the cape and tights, but he could find other weirdly-gifted babies, and form the Justice League. At the very least, he'd be an excellent Hollywood stunt man.

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