Sometimes I just have to shake my head in amazement, modern-day technology cracks me up

When I say modern-day, I want to narrow that down to the last 5 years or so, I mean we all have heard about the war stories of what it was like without computers. How many times have you heard an older person tell someone much younger "You kids have it easy these days, you can do anything online" I tend to agree big-time. There is one thing the older generation agonized about.

I remember like it was yesterday being dragged to the Department Of Motor Vehicles

If there ever was an identical version of real-life zombies, you could find them at the DMV. This was a place where you better have planned on a full day of sitting on an uncomfortable plastic chair, waiting for your number to be called, to take a nerve-wracking driver's license test. Now check this out, according to Devils Lake Journal "The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) announced back in December customers may now take their driver's license knowledge test online" Really?

The worst part about those darn tests was worrying that if you failed, you would have to wait another 45 hours before you attempted to take it again

Listen to this, the official "Let's make your life as easy as possible" NDDOT driver license division director had this to say “It's simple to register, available 24/7, and testing can be done immediately from anywhere with internet access." the Devils Lake Journal added.

Finally, amazing how just a couple of simple clicks of a mouse here and there is all you need to do these days, yet they still have cameras that take the worst pictures known to man

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