Plan ahead for your workdays!

According to a press release from NDDOT, the North Dakota Department of Transportation, a new traffic signal installation project will begin as early as Monday, April 4th

The new signal will be located at the intersection of Memorial Highway and Third Street Southeast in Mandan.

Take a look:

If you're not sure where this is, check out this map, below.

What you need to know:

They say traffic may be reduced to two lanes, and turn lanes may also be closed from time to time. Keep in mind that there will also be no left turn available from Third Street.

They say delays will be minimal, but motorists should keep the installation/construction project in mind before getting in your car for errands, work, and other day-to-day travels. You might want to set your alarms a little earlier.


Flaggers will be on the roads at certain times, and their safety is a great concern, so please use your best judgment and look out for them when traveling through the area.

Slow down

Speeds limits will be reduced in the work zone, so make sure you look for signs! As I'm sure you know, getting fined in a work zone is nothing to joke about. Your wallet will be hurting.

NDDOT expects the project to be completed by May 1st, and updates will be provided during the project.

If you’d like to see what other construction projects may be ahead, look at the ND Roads Map.





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