Live in the cattails? I kid of course. But, retirement will let Terry spend more time trying to march through them.

One of the good ones is ducking out of public service at the end of July.  North Dakota's Director of the Game and Fish Department, Terry Steinwand is hanging up his government issued waders and wading into the world of retirement.

I was surprised to read that Terry had only been head of the Department for just 15 years.  It seems like he's always been there. Maybe, it's because he was appointed to the position by then Governor John Hoeven, and frankly that also seems like a long time ago. But that was just 15 years as the top hunting dog, all in all, Terry spent nearly 40 years with Game and Fish and I believe there would be resounding agreement that the department is better off because of his tenure.

He brought technology not only to the department, but to the legislature as well.  Over the past year, Terry and associates helped make electronic land posting a priority and now it's the law of the land.  It was a success because it benefits both the land owner and the hunter looking for open areas to fill their limit.

 Most recently, the department supported the Legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 2144, making North Dakota the first state in the nation to allow electronic posting of private land.

Working together creates a bond between not just hunting and fishing folks, but the general public as well.  Our radio stations maintained a close Game and Fish relationship through The Missouri River Splash.  It was an annual event that taught kids of all ages to learn about water safety, and help them obtain the necessary certification to operate vessels safely on the water.  You want to be a great Game Warden? Don't spend all your time hiding in the bushes watching for violations.

A national search will now begin for NDGF's new's hoping that he or she is right in our own backyard (or in the bushes).

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