Let's hear it for ace KFYR-TV reporter John Salling for cracking the story! Read it here.

Well, I couldn't just let that go...no, sir.  Hand me a stick and I'm poking a bear.

By the time Thomas "Tex" Rosser had made it to Bismarck he had already had quite a decorated career in the Confederate army. (ah, wikipedia is there anything you don't know?) Oh yea- here's a guy we know-

General Custer
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Yes indeed, Major General Thomas Rosser was well known for hit-and-run style of raids that he often used with great success against his best-friend-forever General George Custer. Although they were fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War, they had been West Point College roommates.  And if you think that's cute- check out the battlefield antics!

One time, Tex attacked George's troops and got a bunch of his soldiers back that had been held prisoner.  In retaliation, George stole Tex's clothes and pranked him with this note.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for setting me up in so many new things, but would you please direct your tailor to make the coat tails of your next uniform a trifle shorter.

Best Regards,


Classic Frat-boy hazing!  Then they both went on killing a bunch of people because that's sorta what war's all about.

After the war, Rosser worked his way up to Chief Engineer with Northern Pacific Railroad, laying tracks and making cash land speculating in North Dakota. Although Rosser Avenue runs right into Custer Park in Bismarck, they didn't actually reunite in the Capital City. The two's bromance wouldn't rekindle until they got together in Montana.  Not sure if George is on Facebook, but Tex has his own page here.  Seriously, it's Rosser's Facebook page- and if you don't add him how can he like any of your posts?

Not sure if it's OK to have Confederate Generals as friends on Facebook.

So John Salling from KFYR-TV needs the credit for cracking this case- I'm just around for the after-party.

Best Regards,


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