The coronavirus no doubt has robbed us all of our freedom. Has stolen jobs and has murdered thousands, BUT it has not taken our spirit! The "STAY AT HOME" orders have restricted us, yet the imagination, ingenuity shines on. The "virtual techniques" are kicking in. ZOOM is an app that people can use, to conduct meetings online, to enter your quarantine area, and provide a tool for us to communicate with. The schools are empty, students are at home now, still receiving their assignments.

The disappointment for many high school seniors is understandable. This WAS their year to shine, to walk tall in the hallways, to pump their chests and reap the perks that come to 12th graders! The virus put a halt to all of that. The Century high school students, here in Bismarck, would not be denied the one tradition that has been around forever, THE PROM. Check out juniors and seniors dressed in their best, taking on the coronavirus head-on. Let this be another example of people making the best out of any situation.


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