The 2016 presidential campaign unofficially got underway Thursday night in Cleveland when 10 Republican hopefuls met in a spirited debate.

Donald Trump may have been the candidate most on display, but he held his own in an evening in which no one emerged as a clear winner or clear loser.

The debate also featured New Jersey Governor Chris Christie going on the attack against Kentucky Senator Rand Paul over national security.

Obviously, with 10 men pleading their case and trying to push their platform, it was hard to ultimately stand out. You can check out a running look at how the evening shook out here.

The night also saw some longshots getting their name out there. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson had some good lines, including this one about the issue of race:

There was also an "undercard" debate in which California businesswoman Carly Fiorina raised a lot of eyebrows for her performance.

Of course, there is still plenty of time left for the needle to move in the campaign as the field of GOP hopefuls will ultimately be whittled down to one. We shall see.

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