So how stressed are you living in North Dakota?  If you're like me still trying to find those perfect gifts for Christmas with 2 days to go?  You're probably a little stressed.  Christmas a side, how stressed out do you get living in our state?  After all, with the exception of living in Fargo, we don't have much for traffic, besides road construction season.

Winter can bring on some stress, especially when you have to travel on icy roads.  We haven't had to worry about that much the last couple of years.  Shoveling snow.  Will my car start?  Will the snow blower start?  Just a few of the stressful things winter brings on.

Then there's the whole 2020 coronavirus thing.

Well, according to a new study by WalletHub, North Dakota has been whistling "Zippity Doo Dah" a lot the last year.  That's right, you are living in one of the LEAST stressed states in the United States.  North Dakota ranks #2 in the country as far as "tranquility" goes.  We are the second least stressed state according to the study.  Only the folks in the land of "10,000 Lakes" of Minnesota rank ahead of North Dakota.

So why is the Rough Rider State so laid back?  North Dakota scored high in most of the categories in the study, but we're the least stressed in the country when it comes to money related stress.  Apparently they didn't examine radio announcer salaries?!  So money is not an issue for most of us in North Dakota, and that is a big weight off our shoulders.  Other categories we scored well in include,  "Family Related Stress" and "Health and Safety Stress."

The only category we scored low in is "Work Related Stress", where North Dakota is in the top 10 worst in the country.  Too many bad bosses in NoDak?  Maybe that's why we drink so much?

Louisiana by the way is the MOST stressed state in the United States.

Either way, enjoy our low stress way of life in North Dakota and have a very Merry Christmas!



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