Mandan High School has a new home. 

Mandan Public Schools has purchased land west of Starion Sports Complex to be the new home of the Braves.  According to an email obtained from Mandan Public Schools, the Mandan School Board met in a special session on Tuesday, June 8th to approve two purchase agreements of the property for the construction of a new high school.

The exact location of the property is between 8th avenue northwest and Highway 1806.

Approximately 49.42 acres will be used to accommodate the building of the new high school.  The location will work out well as it's between the Mandan Middle School and the Starion Sports Complex.  This location will help in reduced infrastructure costs, and being highly accessible.

The purchase of the new property is the next step in building a new high school, which was approved by a strong majority of Mandan voters in April.  77.85% of voters to be exact.

The property was purchased from Mel Heck and Pat and Mike Wachter. 

According to Mr. Heck, his parents, Ralph & Frances Morrell Heck, purchased the property and moved from Oliver County in 1948 with their three children to a small farm north of Mandan where they believed they would have a better future.  At that time, Collins Avenue was still a gravel road, the refinery was still six years in the future, Intestate 94 wouldn’t be built for another 17 years, and the population of the City of Mandan was only one-third of what it is today.

The new Mandan High School, targeted for completion in 2024 and will accommodate up to 1400 students.  What an exciting time for the city of Mandan.  Here's a map of where the new school will go.



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