With the community somewhat under lock down and visitors unable to make their way to see their loved ones in nursing homes, St. Gabriel's is inviting the community to send messages to local seniors!

"GramsForGrands" is a program that encourages kids, family members, and the local community to send anything from cards and letters to drawings and artwork to St. Gabriel's. Once the grams arrive, they will be distributed to the grandmas, grandpas, and other residing guests in the living in the St. Gabriel's community.

As a result of the CoronaVirus, new regulations are quite restrictive on visitation, making it hard for families to see their loved ones. Adjusting to the change can burden the emotional health and well-being of the residents, so the staff at St. Gabriel's encourage the local community to start getting creative and send in their work!

Artwork, cards, letters and other messages can be mailed to:
St. Gabriel’s Community
4580 Coleman Street
Bismarck, ND 58503.

Messages can be addressed to specific residents, or sent to Andrea Engle.

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