Here's a commonly asked question- What's harder to accomplish...hit a hole-in-one in golf, or hit a 100 mph pitch in baseball?  Well, with a great deal of luck either could be accomplished.

North Dakota's Seljon Akhmedli accomplishment is an incredible feat of ridiculous smarts and tenacious dedication. There's no luck in this young lady's story.

Seljon is 17 years old and just this month, graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, and she did it 15 days before finishing her senior year at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo. had a nifty feature on Seljon back in July of 2019.  It was when she was first beginning her university experience.  She had this to say...

Akhmedli wants to be a biochemist, biophysicist or a mathematician when she grows up. And like her father, she wants to go to Yale.

"I just want to be sure of what I want to be when I grow up and have a good career and a good job and get into a good university," Akhmedli said.

Well I guess this turned out to be a sad story after all- She's not going to Yale as was her 2019 dream, nope...SHE'S GOING TO NORTHWESTERN! Yes, one of the most highly acclaimed universities in the whole darn world. She's got a full ride scholarship and will seek a a PhD in Mathematics.

She'd probably be embarrassed you were reading this ftp snapshot I found snooping around the internet.  It shows some of the inner workings of her exceptional mind along with some of her book reviews...all from a young woman just entering the 9th grade.  Click here to read along and then tell us if To Kill A Mockingbird is your favorite book too!  Me, it's in my top 10 for sure.

While Seljon's story is flat out amazing, so are the many stories, and the many paths, that so many students across North Dakota have traveled to get their own diplomas.

We applaud you all!

Now go get a job...there's plenty.

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