In a short viral clip, ND teen makes shocking statement while brandishing a handgun.  Community now faced with challenge of how to proceed with a divisive situation.

I am hunting n------s,” the teen can be heard saying before pretending to fire the weapon.

According to Cole Short of the Hillsboro Banner, Traill County authorities are currently looking into the case. Recorded in the evening, the video is only 5 seconds long and depicts a teen identified as a Hillsboro High School senior, who while holding a  handgun, turns to the individual recording the scene and says "I am hunting n-----s".

The teen's identity cannot be disclosed, but it seems his parent's identity has been.

The internet is flooded with viral clips depicting hatred, but when individuals can be identified as living in your community and going to your high school, it's hard to see it as harmless teen hijinks. Outrage truly began when Karl Benson's daughter sent him the video. Benson, who is Black, lives in Minneapolis and his teenage daughter attends high school in Hillsboro.  Benson shared the clip with members of the Hillsboro School Board along with the High School Principal.

All accounts appear to suggest the teen in the video is the son of a Hillsboro School Board member.   From an iPhone message Benson shared with the Banner, board member Mary Mattson replied to Benson's sharing of the 5 second video.

“I very much appreciate you making me aware of this. We absolutely do not tolerate this behavior at our house in any way,” she wrote in her response to Benson.

“It is inexcusable. My husband and I have discussed and dealt with him. It will not be an issue going forward.”

Well since she brought up "going forward", where do you think this could possibly go forward? Clearly Mr. Benson is not satisfied with a parental scolding being the end game.  Since the high school maintains the video was not shot on their property they're really not a player regarding punishment.  As law enforcement continues to consider further action, do you feel the teen's actions warrant further legal proceedings?

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