This is beyond despicable.  According to Fox 9, Minneapolis St. Paul, a Princeton, Minnesota teacher hit an 8-year-old boy in the mouth with a hockey stick, causing a tooth to fall out.  This happened back in early June.  Why did she do this?  Good question?  From what I could gather from the video, it looks like she was mad that he didn't put his stick back correctly.  Really?  That's enough to cause physical harm to a young student?  She's obviously in the wrong line of profession.

The Minnesota State Department of Education decided the child was mistreated but there's no criminal investigation.  Again, Really???  I grew up in the era of teachers whacking us with a broom or slamming our heads into a locker.  So, I'm not some kind of lightweight.  I get discipline, but in my opinion, you can't do something like this anymore.

What's even more perplexing, the teacher, Kim Neubauer, was celebrated by the school upon her departure according to the parents of the young boy.  The teacher was placed on unpaid leave after the incident, and she resigned shortly after that.

Get this, the young boy's family was never notified of the abuse.  Luckily a video has surfaced of the incident, but the family wants justice.  Especially after the school district posted a message on the Princeton Facebook page congratulating the teacher on her retirement and wishing her the absolute best.  Again, Really for the third time?

The Princeton, Minnesota Police Department has declined to press charges, the family hopes they will reconsider.

If I was that kid's father I would be so livid.  Here's the shocking video!

To see Fox 9 Minneapolis St. Paul's YouTube channel click here.

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