Willow City, North Dakota is located up in our northern tier about 20 miles south of Bottineau.  According to the 2010 census, Willow City has about 163 people. Willow City's previous claim to fame was being the home town of North Dakota GOP State House Representative Dick Anderson.  But now, when people call Willow City, they don't ask for Dick, they ask for David Corum.  David is the proprietor of Gunslinger's Bar in Willow City.  He's been featured in news columns across the country.

David's notoriety started back in March of 2020 when he was cited 5 times in 4 days by law enforcement for violating the Governor's emergency shut down order.  Reread that if you like- David got busted twice in one day! Well in April, there was legal heck to pay. The Bismarck Tribune reported.

Corum can’t have more than three people in the bar -- besides himself and one employee -- under the terms of a pretrial agreement and order signed by Northeast District Judge Anthony Benson. Corum "may not provide, dispense, sell or otherwise give anyone alcohol at the location formerly known as Gunslinger’s,” the order states. Corum was not arrested and is free on a $3,000 personal recognizance bond, 


David had a few words for Doug...

He's not "flipping the governor off," he said, but "he's not my daddy, he's not gonna send me to my room, I'm not skipping supper." 

So David Corum and Gunslinger's are back in the news (AP News),  As it's being reported he is currently trying to raise funds to file a federal civil rights complaint. It's pretty well timed as those anti-emergency declaration flames are currently being fanned at the State Capital as well.

Go get 'em Gunslinger's!*

*the bar not actual people with guns...these days important to separate.

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