The Silver Dollar is as iconic to the city of Mandan as it's historic train depot. Ok, maybe that's a reach?  You tell me, as I'd go so far as to say it's more iconic.  When I first moved to Mandan, I lived just a half block north of the "Dollar" and I could have given directions to my house to any biker in the Upper Midwest just by saying I lived up the street from the Silver.

That was 2001 and Mandan was very much the black sheep of the North Dakota family, maybe because of the exotic dancers, maybe because of all the 4th of July fireworks, or maybe it was all the rusted out Plymouth Dusters being driven around as daily drivers. Well when it came to strippers, bikers, whiskey, and rock and roll- people came to the Silver Dollar.

I worked as a blackjack dealer in Bis/Man for quite a few years, and the charity had a site at the Silver Dollar.  I can say observing from the inside that the place was a whole lot busier when the ladies were taking it off.  Mind you, they didn't take it all off, but it did lend a certain amount of "danger" to the bar.  I've worked in plenty of strip clubs and they weren't inherently more dangerous than other bars- it's all about perception I guess.

Until some guy gets stabbed a bunch during your July 3rd parking lot party and law enforcement initially targets it as a motorcycle club activity.  Mid September of 2020 US News has the AP Story..

Arrest warrants have been issued for four people suspected in a stabbing at a street dance in Mandan in July, police said Monday.

Each are facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder and participating in a criminal street gang, according to police.

December of 2020 those charges are dropped. Tell 'em Biker News...

The state has filed motions to dismiss attempted murder-related charges against four men accused in a July 3 stabbing in Mandan allegedly tied to motorcycle clubs.

And...Wednesday June 30th is the final day the current ownership of the Silver Dollar Bar will have a legal liquor license.  I always find we all know a lot less about a story by reading the early stages of a story.  Kinda like the stabbing charges you just read about  So, if you'd like to read about missed payments regarding the license, and various reasoning about why circumstances may have got us here- by all means the Bismarck Tribune has a great outline of information you can read and disseminate on your own by clicking here.  (Hopefully you haven't already reached your Tribune limit). If you have then let to provide this via the Tribune...

"I'm not keen on granting the license on one hand, but on the other it's a long-established business in Mandan, and if Mr. Felton is going to put up $60,000 for a new license, we have the right to revoke that license if there's any other infractions," Helbling said. "I don't know where the city of Mandan would come out on the losing end of this by granting this license."

This from the Bismarck Mandan Bars Today Facebook page.

The Mandan City Commissioners in a 3-2 vote on Friday denied Silver Dollar bar owner Wade Felton a Class A liquor license starting Thursday. Dennis Rohr, Joseph Camisa Jr. and Mike Braun voted to deny the license, while Amber Larson and Mayor Tim Helbling voted to approve it. The current liquor license expires Wednesday.

So there's where we're at...What about Brianna Helbling playing July 2nd outside?  We gonna figure that out?  It'd be a great show...but let's hope not a farewell show.

Because there shouldn't just be our stories from the past.

That's been years since I've been there.  So probably bad on me.

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