If you travel on South Washington Street, going toward downtown where Papa John's Pizza is located, in the parking lot, you'll notice the long lines at a little building on the corner called Mo's Snow Shack.

The long lines are waiting to place an order and then wait, and wait and wait for their cup of flavored ice. Some people call them 'snow-cones' or "snowballs". I call it heaven in a cup.


The process is simple. You choose your size, flavor(s) and one of several toppings or you can choose a scoop of ice cream at the bottom of the cup. Truth be told, I've NEVER heard of ice cream with a snowball. I always choose the topping. I have tried the ice cream, it's good, just not for me.


At Mo's Snow Shack, their motto is "Worth the Wait".  For many, it is worth the wait.

Mo's is open Monday through Saturdays, 12 noon until 9 p.m. and close during inclement weather.