Back in May, a 6-year old found two severed fingers on a picnic table in Grand Forks, but investigators are still having trouble figuring out who they belong to and how exactly they got there.

According to, there are quite a few different theories as to how the fingers may have reached their final destination, including one involving birds.

East Grand Forks police lieutenant Rodney Hajicek thinks the severed fingers may belong to a 23-year old man involved in a fireworks accident.

After the man blew off his hand, Hajicek theorizes that a bird could have come, picked up the severed digits, and dropped them on the picnic table in the Red River State Recreation Area.

Hajicek is currently attempting to get DNA from the victim of the fireworks accident, which he will then compare to the DNA on the found fingers.

Outside of that theory, though, investigators seem stumped. No one has come forward with any other information and searches of the area by cadaver dogs have proved fruitless.

The investigation will continue until the source of the severed fingers is found.

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