Hey read the title of this story again slowly, I could be doing you a HUGE favor...

...first of all, I'll just get this out of the way, I know for a fact it's not me - darn it. The urgency of my message could bring you $150,000. Here is a fact, someone invested their hard-earned money and bought a Powerball ticket in North Dakota - let me stop right here, first of all, don't 99.9% of all humans that have a lottery ticket usually can't wait until the current numbers come out, am I right? I mean I have never heard of someone just putting their "Could be a gold nugget winner" off to the side and completely forgetting about it. So, with that being said, HURRY and look around to see if you have a lottery ticket you haven't checked yet.....Time is running out, literally.

Well listen if you want, I can narrow it down just a bit

With that I mean, where were you on July 18th of last year? I'll be just a tad more specific, were you living in Fargo, OR maybe just passing through? Did you happen to stop into Casey's General Store - 4405 45th St South?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Because if YOU did, and you happened to pick up a lottery ticket while you were there, on that day, it's time to start getting excited, however, if you don't ACT now your WINNING ticket won't be worth squat.

North Dakota Lottery Facebook

I'll take a nice handshake or even a small cigar ( I'm not allowed to accept any money ) if YOU are the one with the winning ticket - but man HURRY UP!

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