Ok, first and foremost I am NOT slamming these 5 places I chose, I only intend on pointing out...

...that there are some cities in North Dakota that at some point or another...ummm...lack scenery. Unpicturesque if you will. They STILL have their own unique personality, somewhere in their town. For instance, one of the cities I chose has probably THE most incredible hockey arena in the country, the scenery inside and outside this sporting spectacle is downright breathtaking - however, the Unpicturesque views are definitely close by. So, no doubt you may disagree with me on some of my choices, but you'll for sure find yourself nodding your head when you recognize where the ( yawn ) pictures were taken. Put it this way, maybe this gallery will prepare you and your family for the next time you take a road trip, and drive through these North Dakota cities.

The 5 Most Unpicturesque Cities In North Dakota

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