"Hot enough for you?" Don't you just hate that expression? My guess is. I wouldn't dislike it so much if my right foot was about to plunge into an oasis. The temperatures are climbing and the social distancing well underway, Three glorious cooool outdoor swimming pools opened yesterday here in Bismarck. The hours of each facility have changed - for more info, you can go on their website- bisparks.org.The last three months or so we have all been restricted to just practicing our social distancing skills at home. Now we are all easing back slowly to being outside and taking our lives back, and what better place to be when the temps reach in the ninety's - as wonderful as all this seems, Bismarck Parks and Rec are making sure that everyone is safe, and that all the ND Smart Restart and CDC guidelines are being met. The staff is able to continue with their duties, and they are hoping to offer up outdoor swimming lessons in July.

The encouraging thing is, that we are starting to see signs that what we used to take for granted, is now within our sights again. Public pools in the summer is a tradition that's been around probably since Adam and Eve ( of course they had their own dressing rooms ). Warmer weather, pools are up to 75% capacity in accordance with the COVID-19 codes, and a ton of smiles everywhere. That's what summer is all about, at least in the crazy year of 2020. For more on this refreshing story, click here.


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