It's no secret, most people think we talk a "little funny" up here in North Dakota. 

They'll even go as far as to say we have an accent.

I was born and raised in North Dakota and I have only lived outside our state for a very short time in California.  People in Cali thought I had an accent.  They compared it to Canadians.  Yikes.  I definitely started watching how I said my "O's".

We may talk a little differently in North Dakota and Minnesota but we certainly don't sound anything like the movie "Fargo" do we?  Well, maybe in some rural places we do, but for the most part that is highly exaggerated.

I ran across an article recently on preply on the speech rates in America's states.

The fastest talkers and the slowwwwest talkers.  To be honest I would've thought North Dakota would be on the slow side.  After all, people seem to love to drive 10, 15, or even 20 miles under the speed limit around here.  wink wink.  You know who you are.

As it turns out I was dead wrong.  We've got some fast talkers in the Peace Garden State.  The top 5 fastest talking states based on average syllables per second are:

1.  Minnesota with 5.34 syllables per second.

2.  Oregon with 5.33 syllables per second.

3.  Iowa with 5.30 syllables per second.

4.  Kansas with 5.30 syllables per second.

5.  North Dakota with 5.29 syllables per second.

Yep, we've got some motor mouths in North Dakota.  The question is can you even understand these fast talkers?

South Dakota by the way came in at number 8 by the way.  Louisiana has the slowest talkers in America.

I'll take a fast talker over a "soft talker" any day.  Have you ever seen the movie Pitch Perfect?  Speak up!

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