Ahh, the Thanksgiving tradition has come and gone...family, turkey, and football

That is what we look forward to all year long. For most of us, it is a time to get together with distant family members we only see ONCE a year, by late in the afternoon your uncle is asleep on the couch - these are all traditional values that we thrive on. One thing is quite sure, whether you are at home or you and your family travel to grandpa and grandma's house, the second you set foot inside you can't escape football on the television set. When I was a kid, every single turkey day involved the Dallas Cowboys taking on Washington Redskins. This year the Thanksgiving finale of the 3 games that were played was Minnesota Vikings at home hosting the New England Patriots. The Skol was looking for redemption, not lousy turkey.

The Vikings were back at it just 4 days after completely getting dominated by the Cowboys

With an 8-2 overall record on the season, the Vikings were literally licking their wounds after just last Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys humiliated them at home 40-3. So this past Thursday wasn't necessarily a MUST-win game against New England, but it was important to get their confidence and swagger back - and they achieved that goal with a 33-26 victory. Besides the win, three members of Minnesota (Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and wide receivers Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen ) were a part of a nice cozy NBC Sports Post game honor. According to the New York Post " The Vikings players were invited to eat the ceremonious turkey as part of the NFL’s holiday tradition..." All good right? Well...."...Thielen nearly choked on his before spitting it out on the sidelines. “It’s a little dry,” he told NBC Sports sideline reporter Melissa Stark. Jefferson, meanwhile, was laughing at Thielen, who began coughing on camera"

Check it out...

I guess you can say this was Thielen's version of a "Mic Drop"

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