Many of us "essential workers" were pretty proud when we got our "essential worker" driving passes. That's right- we're considered critical to our communities day to day operations. But, there are many different groups of "essential workers". Clearly, the most at risk are the "first responders" and I think we know who they are. In the low risk group you'll find us radio types who basically locked our front doors and isolate in our offices and studios.

But many other "essential workers" actually find themselves unable to isolate at work. They're behind the cash register at your gas station. They're working the grocery and department stores-stocking shelves and meeting our daily needs. They're working at manufacturing plants.

And, they need to wear masks.

(Go ahead and say it "I ain't wearing no *#!@*!g face mask!")

I get it! ND leads the entire country in tweets about "ending the lockdown". Longtime ND reporter Keith Darnay will tell you all about that. But when I say they need to wear masks- I mean because their employer may require it.'s true to say we probably should all be wearing masks in public places. Go ahead and curse me out for that.

So now let's figure out how to stop face masks from fogging up our glasses...

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